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Input Type Password

first post: TintinFr wrote: Hello, Is there a input type password in the package? Eric

latest post: TintinFr wrote: I found it... You just have to add type="password" to the inputtext

Type attribute not rendered in IIS6

first post: SimonR250 wrote: Hello, I am using this library for the Email Input control. On my ...

latest post: simonr250 wrote: Hi Maziar, I've checked using Chrome, Firefox, and IE9, and the res...

Features for DotM.HTML5 2.0?

first post: MaziarTaheri wrote: Dear everyone, I am thinking about the next major version of DotM.H...

latest post: maziartaheri wrote: Thanks so much for your feedbackAlthough you can use <asp:Button> t...

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